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  • Dr. Terry Dornak

Tis the Season to be…..Gloomy, Cranky, Stressed… Yeah, that’s about Right

With the changing of seasons and the beginning of colder weather, our days are starting to feel gloomy and many of us want to stay in bed rather than go to work or school (me included!). It’s difficult to build up motivation to start the day when the trees are bare, the sun is often hidden in the clouds, and the daylight ends early. Many individuals start feeling down, if not depressed, this time of year.

Tis the season for colds and flu and many of us tend to be attacked by vicious viruses and bacteria. I, myself, am currently fighting a sinus infection. There seems to be something always being passed around at my daughter’s daycare, which means I am always a lucky recipient (Yay me!).

The holidays are also upon us, and many of us do not cope so well when we are thrown into a pit of family members. Thus, we may have increased stress, anxiety, as well as depressive thoughts around the holidays.

Keeping in mind what the fall and winter seasons bring, I think it is important to discuss self-care. I have written some helpful guidelines below:

  • To deal with the decreased daylight and to fight the consequential sluggishness, open your curtains in the morning and get as much daylight as possible.

  • Enjoy the fresh air – Get some sunshine by taking your dog for a walk.

  • Exercise – this decreases stress by providing you with endorphins and increasing dopamine in your brain.

  • Increase Relaxation – There are many activities that you can use to relax. While one person may like yoga (which is also a great exercise activity), another person may like reading or taking a bubble bath.

  • Make yourself a priority – OK. I know. This is a hard one to sell. Especially if you have a child or children (I have a toddler; I get it), but this is important. You can’t take care of others if you are a mess. You are a foundation, and everyone else topples on top. So, if you aren’t steady and stable, then everyone else who you try to support, will fall with you.

With that said, I hope each of you has a Happy Thanksgiving this week. There are many things I am thankful for, including the ability to be able to provide guidance to many of you. Take care!

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