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  • Tara Link, LCSW, CADC

Sound as Meditation

Seeking a way to relieve anxiety, energize your spirit, and find more inner peace?

Are you open-minded and interested in trying less traditional modalities of healing?

Give Vibrational Sound Healing a try.

So what exactly is Vibrational Sound Healing?

Think about how your favorite song can lift your mood… Sound is powerful for the human spirit. It can brighten your mood and help heal physical pains.

Vibrational Sound Therapy is a powerful modality that promotes deep states of relaxation, mental clarity, and emotional clearing. With our bodies being 75 % water, the vibrations from the bowls allow for a gentle yet powerful massage to our physical and energy bodies--helping to release both physical and mental pain in the body. When vibration travels through the body, it promotes proper circulation and energy flow while the sound activates the stress relief response in our brain.

Sound healing has been around for hundreds of years, originating in India, before moving to the West. This healing modality has become quite popular in recent years with research indicating the enormous physical and mental health benefits. It is now being used to treat various conditions including anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic pain, and cancer support treatment.

During a session, the practitioner will place Tibetan sound bowls, which are made of various types of metals, all around and on the body. The bowls are played to create sound and vibration that induces a deep meditative state and, in a sense, “meditates us for us”. This results in individuals attaining a state of inner peace or altered consciousness with minimal effort. It is particularly helpful for those who struggle to focus but have wanted to bring more mindfulness and meditation into their lives. Usually clients leave the session feeling very relaxed but alert and often have powerful visualizations and emotional release.

Benefits of Sound Healing include:

  • Improved stress management

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduction in anxiety

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improves circulation and blood flow

  • Improves mental and emotional clarify

  • Balances chakra system (energy centers in the body)

  • Promotes deep meditative and spiritual experiences

Allow yourself to sink into inner peace through this ancient healing tradition!

*Tara Link is a psychotherapist and sound healer in the Chicago area. Her approach to healing is holistic and integrative, combining evidenced-based treatment with mindfulness, sound healing, energy healing, and meditation. Tara deeply believes that we each have the power to limit the chaos of our mind through developing a strong and loving connection to ourselves. She is passionate about using sound healing as a meditative tool and strongly believes in the healing benefits to the mind-body-spirit.

-Tara Link, LCSW, CADC

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