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  • Kat Aldag, LPC

Pandemic Fatigue and Being “Good Enough”

At this point in the global pandemic, many of us are feeling exasperated. Naturally, we may not be operating at full capacity. Still, the demands of the workplace and the job market are greater than ever; with an economic recession, fewer jobs are available, and people who have jobs are expected to do more than before.

With the external stressors of the pandemic and our employment or lack thereof, it is as important as ever to recognize and honor our personal boundaries. At a time when we are most depleted, focusing primarily on survival, can we reasonably be expected to go above and beyond?

As an individualistic and capitalist society amidst great struggle, we are a striving people. By living in a state of striving, we cannot truly experience the present moment. Right now, that might not be the worst thing; maybe keeping our heads down and working furiously helps distract us from the sadness in the world. Nevertheless, this is not sustainable.

However, we do not need to give up, either. Instead, we can allow ourselves to be “good enough,” do “just enough.” For many of us, this type of middle ground is unfamiliar and even elusive. It is, nonetheless, the healthiest and most sustainable option to both survive the pandemic and have remaining energy when it ends.

To this point, consider what demands in your life can be compromised or lessened. For you, this may mean ordering a meal delivery service instead of grocery shopping, allowing your children to have more than optimal screen time, or asserting your boundaries with your employer. Or, it may simply mean saying, “no.”

-Kat Aldag, LPC

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