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  • Santina Bianco, LPC

The Winter Blues

The winter months affect us all in different ways. Some of us thrive in the winter. We love building snowmen, enjoying the beautiful scenery, participating in snow sport activities like skiing, ice skating, or tubing, and/or cuddling up inside with hot cocoa. Then there are the ones who despise the winter season.

Have you realized a decrease in your mood? Are you finding it hard to get out of bed? Does nothing seem interesting to you anymore? Are you feeling hopeless? Does it seem difficult to reach out to friends? Are you having difficulties with sleep and appetite?

You are not alone!

You may be experiencing Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder otherwise known as SAD. This type of disorder is a form of depression that results from seasonal changes. Most often, this change happens during the winter months. This is especially difficult to deal with during the current COIVD19 pandemic. Many positive outlets are made more difficult with the regulations regarding social distancing.

Here are some recommendations you can try to help boost your mood during the cold winter months while being mindful of the current pandemic:

  • Curating your comfort by investing in soft blankets and slippers

  • Create positive playlists to start your morning

  • Mood lighting (i.e., fairy lights)

  • Letting in the sunlight by opening the blinds or going for walks

  • If there is no sunlight out invest in artificial lights or take vitamin D supplements

  • Managing your exercise and sleep hygiene

  • Connect with others via social distance walks or Facetime calls

  • Finding a therapist

  • Add luxury to your daily routine by doing something nice for yourself (i.e., bath bomb, long shower, etc.)

  • Journaling

  • Learning to be GLAD (grateful, learned, accomplished, delight)

  • Mediation

  • Insight Timer app

-Santina Bianco, LPC

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